Shepherd's Spite (Spoilers)

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Shepherd's Spite (Spoilers)

Postby Stormbringer » 14 Apr 2009 15:24

I'm not sure if the intent of this item is being met or not, but I thought I'd mention it in feedback just in case.

SS has a bunch of Sorc only bonuses.
It also has a Druid skill
Spoiler: show
Summon Dire Wolf
(nb: oskill, not restricted just to Druids), and a +1 to Druid skills.

If you're using it on a char that is not a Druid, the +1 Druid Skills does not increase the level of the oskill.

Also, on a necromancer, if you use the Druid oskill, your golem goes poof. (Almost certainly an engine issue, but since as a Druid you can
Spoiler: show
have wolves and a bear
I had wondered if they'd been given different minion types and so shouldn't be exclusive anymore?)

So it looks like it is pretty specifically set up for a Sorc????

On the other hand it also has a very high chance to cause mass chaos when used in melee. Which is very very cool.

So I can't really figure out if it is:
(1) aimed at melee sorcs or
(2) aimed at Druids and Sorcs or
(3) whether the oskill/+1 Druid skills is broken or not or
(4) aimed at melee characters in general
(5) your choice of combinations of the previous options

Anyway, even though it seems to be slightly broken, or too many things to too many people, it is a fun little twinking weapon, no stats required and available at level 6, so I can just dump a bunch of ethers on a char, they slug them all back (except for 3 maybe) and charge out into the blood moor, whack a fallen (players 1 of course) and go straight to level 6 whereupon they can use this item.
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