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shadow warrior

Postby Ashaira » 17 Apr 2009 21:01

well u already know about the flicker bug but theres something else u should fix. shadow warriors cant use any shuriken skills which makes them almost useless on shuriken assasins the only related skill they can use is shuriken sentinel they cant even use the shuriken furry. maybe u can make them spawnable with shurikens caus right now they only spawn with katars even though i got a shuriken and a shield equiped
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Re: shadow warrior

Postby Allanon » 19 Apr 2009 11:32

Noticed the same thing. In the meantime--it's funny because I'm playing a shuriken assassin as well--keep mind blast or bladestorm on your right click. She seems to make up for the lack of shuriken skills by using these extra often. Doesn't fix the problem, but at least makes her more useful in the short term.
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