merc equip abuse

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merc equip abuse

Postby Allanon » 25 Apr 2009 13:29

I realize that I'm shooting myself in the foot here by pointing this out (assuming you didn't already realize it), but one of the things I like about Immersion is that *gasp* you actually have to plan out your stat points. No longer does "Dump all of X into Y" make a character. So...

6-socketed sword, 6 eri runes. Yes, my life is reduced to 1, and yes I have no stamina... but I also now have 300 strength. Which means I can pump into vit/energy/dex without regard for tempering my weapons, since if I need to I can twink the stats up significantly. Same thing works for the other stats. I don't havea solution to offer, except maybe reduce life to zero so that equipping a merc-only item (since it IS in big, red letters) means instant death. No time for tempering, even in town. Of course, I don't know if it's even possible to die in town.

Yeah I used it to temper my chakrams--it was the only way to get them to deal the same damage as other mid-level weapons in act 2 NM. But I feel unclean now, and hope that by bringing this to light my sins will be purged.
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Re: merc equip abuse

Postby Foerg » 25 Apr 2009 16:20

Don't worry my son, as yours sins shall be forgiven. :biggrin:

Everybody else simply uses PlugY and respecs their attribute points, so actually there's nothing really to worry about, you just found a way for all the non-PlugY users out there (which shouldn't be too many^^).
Another would be simply to put some jewels with +X to strength/dexterty in some armor pieces and keep them in the stash as "tempering-armor" (although that would maybe require PlugY too...)

However, you see there's no need to worry :twisted:
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Re: merc equip abuse

Postby Demon9ne » 26 Apr 2009 06:22

Say ten hail marys and then punch yourself in the face. =)

Tempering is likely to require a base stat in the future.
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