Asseration Item Failure

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Asseration Item Failure

Postby proph21 » 02 Sep 2011 15:54

I got this 3 times so far when trying to complete Den of Evil quest::

8:50:10.250 -------- FILE: D2Game\ITEMS\ItemMode.cpp LINE: 3941 --------

Assertion Failure
Location : D2Game\ITEMS\ItemMode.cpp, line #3941
Expression : hRemove

i run/downloaded the game from D2SE's main site and I made sure I was running v1.05 with the B1.04 Patch


Nvm I think I figured out the problem. D2SE's vanilla 1.10f files are a bit weird so I made a new folder in my c drive called, "Immersion", copied my original Diablo 2 folder into it, then installed immersion and now it seems to be working fine. I also have the plugy features now, which I didn't get when running it from D2SE.
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