realy cool but..

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realy cool but..

Postby Elafar » 30 Sep 2011 04:16

Mod is really cool, and well balanced - at least this from what I could judge about those first few hours I played- feels good.

However I do have a strange bug that nobody has mentioned, so I am afraid that something is wrong at my end ?
I can't get info after I clicking on Akaras "lore", and no info on tome of equipment either :( .
I can access meny it's self but when clicking on different links nothing happens , no srolling text ( I assume that info should apear like that ? )
I have tryed to re-install mod ( tryed both D2 SE and direct installed in D2 default folder) without success .
All other works, game is running smoothly.
Have experimenting with glide than switched to d3d and finally DDraw ...nothing. :cry:

Sadly I am under impression that those infos are crucial for proper crafting and I am assuming that some of those recipes are not documented elsewhere?

I have also tested other NPCs, they are talking (audio) but no scrolling info either.
Any suggestion / help would be highly appreciated


After checking other mods and Vanila Lod I realized that scrolling text was missing in all of them,
so I uninstalled and reinstalled Lod. After that all is problem is solved :biggrin:

now I am back to playing ....

With regards
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