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Lovers weirdness

Postby phyrexianphreak » 07 Nov 2012 23:25

Just started a new necro earlier, transferred my gear from my sorc to him and went out to smash heads. Got a blood golem, a handful of magi, and a warrior and got my first level pretty quick. I then exited the game to check if any runewords had been updated. On re-entering the game I had a life globe that was near empty with a strangely high value attributed to it (~800+ for a level 2 character) Went out to kill some things and after a while I notice extreme lag. Exit, re-enter, and eventually check my equipment. My 'Sur' ring has a %life value of 12, but it rises as I watch it, my 'Jah' ring has a %mana value of several hundred. The values keep rising and they make my stats go nuts (actually had the game quit responding at one point). I've also got four hollow books, two with demon skulls, two with angels, but their values are stable. I'll play around with things a bit and see if I can get them to settle down, but it probably something that needs to be looked into.

Just started a new necro a moment ago, and transferred all my gear again and the rings looked normal, went out, did some killing, leveled, and I can confirm that my stats went haywire on leveling up. I'll test a little more and see if they go nuts when I'm wearing just the rings, or if I have to have all my gear on.

Same deal as above, but just wore the rings, and my stats were pretty calm on leveling, so clearly this has something to do with the rest of my gear. In which case I can either send you my shared stash file with all the gear included or just list it off.

Somehow lost most of my equippable gear in shuffling, but I can tell you I had some strange things happen wearing the rings again, a Deception amulet, the hollow books mentioned originally, and a pair of Unlife and Undeath runeword books.

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