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Postby matis666 » 18 Apr 2013 02:02

First of all, thanks for doing this mod, it is by far the best mod I've played and I've played them a lot... ;) Features in this mod are so great that it's a shame it runs on an old patch, never seen them before in any of mods!
Be aware that I ain't modder, I can't modify a shit in D2, so don't take my criticism too seriously or like "do you know how hard is to mod or code that thing? of course you don't!" etc...
...and finally, this report comes from the time when my character reached only Act 3 so if there's something I mention located in areas I haven't visited yet don't kill me please :)

Good things' highlight + suggestions:
1.) Player X command removed, not much to say, very good way to keep all people playing the same way, hell, even the game on p1 is hard :D
2.) Difficulty, as mentioned above, you don't get bored by killing sweeping an area in a minute
3.) That "durability" counter above skill icons, it's good to see what my weapon's durability is but it's not necessary to be shown on both left and right skill so I would put it in the upper right corner of the screen where "nearly-broken" items show up in yellow or red if it's possible and instead of above the skill buttons there could be something like dmg as it shows when I hoover over Normal Attack ability
4.) Bonus Quest rescuing Rogue Explorers, but according to an online documentation there's only this kind of Quest in-game, I suggest to put more secret Quests, well at least one per Act, that'd be a progress!
5.) Vendor in Valley of Snakes selling Polearms, my suggestion, create more random vendor encounters with random stock or even with some unique items or reagents for a price of course that spawn randomly on each game start-up
6.) Tempering or crafting items, very good, very simple but it took me some time to figure out when do I actually get my first shard, more detailed info in-game pls :D for example in Medial mod, there are items called Pearls of Wisdom, they drop at the start pretty regularly and they provide some info (just a blank item with a description) but they were pretty outdated, however, you should try something like those
7.) Unique modded skill "tree", there are plenty of old skills but they are pretty well remade and synergized, you don't have to spend skill points on prerequisites which you don't use, I've seen this in Torchlight, but I didn't like it there, don't know why, maybe because on higher levels you can switch to using the highest tier skills only and all of them where strong, but since there are synergies here I doubt somebody would use last skills only just because of their highest tier
8.) Base stat-based skills as requirements, this is a good and a bad thing, since you get only 4 attribute points per level and there's no way to respec it, when you first level up, there's 1st tier of spells available, next tier is available in like 2 levels and next tier is available on level 10 or so... I'm not saying this is bad but since you want to get better skills as soon as possible you have to, for example as a Necromancer, spend all your points on Vitality and Energy at the same time sacrificing other stats to equip better items or weapons and this is where criticism comes:
8.1.) I started playing as a Sorc and judging by the stat requirements (DEX+NRG) I came to a verdict... WHY IN THE HELL DO I NEED DEXTERITY OVER VITALITY TO LEARN SPELLS??? OR OVER STRENGTH TO WEAR AT LEAST BETTER STAFF??? I mean the only thing DEX increases and is good for is Blockability with Shield but this option falls when you use Orbs or 2h Staves (with Stave Mastery which is a good idea for MeleeSorc), attack rating, armor rating (from which Sorc doesn't benefit since she cannot wear too heavy armor) and finally Crafting (which is the only thing useful but since you can create Gloves, Boots and Belts only that is half the way to be any good)...
8.2.) Sorceress isn't the right character to fully benefit from Dexterity, don't build her skills upon it, let it be a domain for your new Amazon, Druid or Assassin character, do it exactly as it is made for Necromancer
8.3.) OR!!! Remake skill requirements to not to be for example 15 to both VIT and NRG but only NRG or other main stat of a character, not both... if that's too less to be an actual requirement increase it but please not DEX+NRG... and also the increment of putting more points into a skill doesn't have to cost +5 to two attributes per skill level but, for example, +10 to main stat only, it's the same and it's more effective leaving a few stat points to be used elsewhere
8.4.) 2nd OR!!! You could make various builds or skills with different stat requirements, for example NecroSummoner skills (NRG+VIT or just NRG) and for example NecroWithCrossbow skills requiring (DEX+VIT or just DEX) because Xbows' dmg would benefit from DEX
9.) Let us proceed, Staves can shoot bolts for free, yay! That's good but it's too overpowered here, I mean when I tried it for my first time it was a bit choppy because all Staves have like 100% CTC a bolt of whatever when you attack, while the actual bolt deals only half of the weapon dmg, it pierces through all mobs and elemental effects are also applied to it, this is what for example even Barbarian doesn't have when using 2h with Splash property, not mentioning that the main attacked target recieves the weapon dmg + elemental dmg + 1/2 wpn dmg +1/2 elemental dmg when used on close target... I would delete the option of shooting bolts for free, I would give all Staves and Wands and caster weapons abilities to cast random lvl reffered bolt (frost, fire etc.) with charges and a lot of them to not to be depleted as I'm low lvl istead so you attack OR cast a spell, not both!
10.) Items have their level requirements removed, I'd like to reffer to early mentioned facts about attributes of some characters, I would rather make caster weapons and other equipment for them to not to have STR and DEX requirements at all but NRG instead...

11.1.) Barbarian's Oaths, good skills, could be overpowered on higher levels but useless or annoying when you need to make a special class-only item sacrificing real piece of gear since tattoes give nothing but the skill availability not mentioning that if you die you lose it (this shouldn't happen for Christ's sake because let's face it, you die and you die quite much in this mod)
11.1.1.) The description says that it increases maximum dmg by 25% of your Stamina and minimum dmg by 100% of your Mana, this is pretty confusing since 1/4 of Stamina is less than 1/1 of your current Mana, I mean, what happens when you have higher minimum dmg than maximum dmg? :D I can't imagine it, I would switch these two values if it isn't just visual
11.2.) Necromancer's only viable build is Summoner (btw, merging summons into one powerful being is a WTF THIS IS AWESOME! thing in this mod) and that is to be honest very underpowered, my minions don't attack what I want to be attacked that is OK, you cannot do much with that due D2 mechanics (maybe additional commanding spell to make summons attack a target?) but they are so freakin' weak!!! They cannot survive for too long even my Bone Terror whose skills were devoted to him making him a badass couldn't withstand the first encounter of Glowcaps in Dark Wood or whatever it was, shroom-headed dudes fuming frost or poison clouds... Don't get me wrong, upgraded Bone Terror is and should be stronger than 2 or more skeletons + clay golem...
11.2.1.) So Necromancer can also benefit from Ritual Killing but how do I kill something with my only Dagger which doesn't need too high STR because I spend all my stats to learn new skills?
11.2.2.) Then there are Curse Auras which I didn't try but they sound like fun and optional along other build, you cannot build your character around Curses only, you need minions so that's why there's only Summoner build
11.2.3.) But hey! There are also some Bone Spells, didn't care to try since you cast like only a few of these and run out of Mana pretty quickly on early levels

Bad things or other missings:
1.) Charsi is a blacksmith in Act 1 selling Adept Malus, why do I have to go back to Act 1 everytime I want to get these hammers? Why other blacksmiths don't sell it when they actually sell Apprentice Tools for tempering items instead, I mean, those tools are bought only once because they don't deplete on usage but hammers do, this should be reverted, every blacksmith should sell hammers in each Act, same goes for Treasure Hunt from Gheed
2.) Why in the hell doesn't Vanishing Dye have an icon? I know it's invisible or vanishing or whatever but the flask should be seen (not sure if it's only a bug on my side) because I cannot see it :D
3.) Cold dmg from mobs and other elemental dmg is so strong against you on Normal Diff, even when you have your resistances higher than 50-60% you still get your ass kicked by a group of mobs doing it... I don't wish to see how fast they would kill me without resists or on higher Diff
4.) Low lvl potions are so low, I mean, they cost like <--------------------------->, that much but do a shit!
5.) What the hell, Barbarian is still the only character I can play, because it's balanced, fun and has like 4 or 5 different builds, Sorceress can have too many of them if you want but Necromancer, I know Necromancer is fresh but he seriously needs some power and diversity!!!
6.) Could you please put more effects to skills? Or put some roary sound effects on Barb's skills when attacking with them...?

I know it's long, it took me like 2 hours to write it down so please take your time to at least take a look at it, sry for my grammar, I'm not native...
Aaaaaand some questions for you! :D
- Why are you still having it on an old version? Is it any better for coding? If you're not willing to rewrite it on 1.13c could you please at least put higher resolution mod in new patch?
- When and which class is coming up next? I you're not working on it right now or ran out of ideas, just let me know, I'm a master of classes' skills and builds :D
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Re: Real Feedback

Postby matis666 » 18 Apr 2013 09:34

1.) Also, would you mind to release some sort of more detailed info about classes, items and abilities? For example how much dmg Splash dmg on 2h weapons does or I found this unique shield that has a property called Blood Loss, it seemed like enemies where being spiked by the shield when they attack me and there was a big blood splash effect on them, didn't notice what else it does if it damages them or whatever...
2.) Is it me or regular white items have a highly increased chance to get socketed at their maximum number? Like every helmet has 3 or 4 sockets already, weapons having 5 sockets etc so I'm unable to make my one-rune runeword... You shouldn't have fiddled with it, it was good as it was and in fact, on Normal difficulty, all items should have their maximum number of sockets like only 2 or even 3 on weapons... 5 and 6 should be on Elite items only...
3.) I believe you wanted to make Light Radius more of a luxury stat but couldn't you make it to be made after shield or shrunken head items? I mean, it replaces gloves, wtf? When you make it as a shield you can have at least lesser chance to block and then bonus fire dmg and also visually a simple burning mace in your left hand maybe? Also could you increase the radius slightly from 3 to 5 and when activated 6 to 10 or something like that? Because if it's immersive it should be at least more realistic and more useful...
4.) Why do scrolls need stat requirement to cast them at all, they're a one-time spell if not accumulated in a tome, they should not have any requirements but for example tome as spellbooks, I would make them a caster's inventory item so they would need NRG to use
5.) Btw, could you rename Energy stat to be the Intelligence or Intellect or Wisdom? I know it sounds like it's in all other games but you know, if you could make items with Energy requirements it would sound better if it was like mentioned above
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Re: Real Feedback

Postby SingInSilence » 22 Apr 2013 11:01

matis666 wrote:... in Median mod,


matis666 wrote:8.1.) I started playing as a Sorc and judging by the stat requirements (DEX+NRG) I came to a verdict... WHY IN THE HELL DO I NEED DEXTERITY OVER VITALITY TO LEARN SPELLS??? OR OVER STRENGTH TO WEAR AT LEAST BETTER STAFF???

(That ^ was sarcasm.
Also, you don't have to max Dex+Ene just because your skills require it.
Pick a skill-level cap. Get to it, then invest in other stats.)

I don't recall seeing a staff that required more then 10 str.
Caster gear requires Dex, not Str.

Also, xbows benefit from Str-to-damage, not Dex-.

matis666 wrote:I would rather make caster weapons and other equipment for them to not to have STR and DEX requirements at all but NRG instead...

Items cannot, by default, have Ene/Vit as a requirement, due to the way D2's coded.

matis666 wrote:11.2.) Necromancer's only viable build is Summoner

Only viable? No.
Easiest? Certainly.
(Mechanically, that's unavoidable.
As a non-summoner anything, you need to deal with incoming damage, somehow.)

Too weak? Well.
Let me put it this way:
After many trials and tribulations, at... around char level 36, I think, I stopped the constant respeccing, (Protip: Don't neglect using Rally, 1 point in Attract will make a great deal of difference, Mockery of Life is superb, and Corpse Explosion ftfw!,) and settled on what skills I'd be using henceforth.

Most of 30 levels later, my (currently level 62) Necromancer, in a4 nightmare, currently walking around with max Raise Skeleton Warrior and max Death Mastery and nothing else, is facerolling... well, everything.

(slvl are 46 and 34 respectively... I think. It shows double the +skill bonus from items, currently.)
The only things that give me trouble are elemental AoE spammers that my bone army can't reach, and places without corpses.
Not that my skeletons die often, I just outpace them, and they despawn instead of teleporting to me, sometimes.
Case in point:
I think I lost 1 skeleton to damage while clearing Durance 1 & 2.

The Curse auras need some work, but they'll actually be great for a melee-mancer, when they work properly.
Calcify is very nice, if costly.
(Which is why you need Energy to unlock skill tiers, after all.)

Until D9 gets here...
matis666 wrote:- Why are you still having it on an old version? Is it any better for coding?

If nothing else, 1.10's code is the best explored, tmk.

matis666 wrote:If you're not willing to rewrite it on 1.13c could you please at least put higher resolution mod in new patch?

Use at your own risk, there's always D2res.
Of course, it breaks some things in the game, as D2 was never intended to run at that screensize, but if it's so important to you, *shrug*.


matis666 wrote:Bonus:

First stop, check the forums.
e.g. not sure if it was in a post or in the chatbox, but Blood Loss is a graphic overlay.
Visual bleeding. Doesn't have any other effect.

matis666 wrote:4.) Why do scrolls need stat requirement to cast them at all, they're a one-time spell if not accumulated in a tome, they should not have any requirements but for example tome as spellbooks, I would make them a caster's inventory item so they would need NRG to use

Scrolls come in different skill-levels.
You need the same #stats that you'd need to learn them as that character.
(Unless the reqs were 1 level higher. I forget.)
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Re: Real Feedback

Postby Demon9ne » 29 Apr 2013 17:27

matis666, I've read your posts here, and I hate to be dismissive, but I don't have time to go over the specifics for all the individual skills and mechanics. I do want to comment on a couple things though. Namely, your concern about this mod being based on LoD v1.10.

This mod uses v1.10 DLLs (as a base) for a variety of reasons:
- v1.10 is the most researched and well-documented version of LoD.
- v1.10 has an error log that has been instrumental in finding bugs, which Blizzard disabled in later versions.
- v1.10 is/was the last version of LoD to add anything of real substance to the game (and I will not cater to the whiners who want the nonsense respec token--Akara sells a similar item in Immersion, and PlugY has respec functionality in this version of the mod).
- MOST IMPORTANT: Immersion uses v1.10 as a BASE. Immersion should run over any version of LoD.

Switching topics to attributes...

Get a staff (any long cylindrical object, really) and go play with it in a field--let me know if your intelligence (or energy) is guiding it, or if it's your Dexterity.

That note aside, all of my attribute requirement decision-making has revolved around having a semblance of balance in the game, and I realize well that every Sorcy player in the history of this game wants Energy to be the stat guiding everything; but naturally, that'd break D2.

That stuff having been said, I may or may not come back to this post if I have something to add later, and I do appreciate you taking the time to fill me in here, after your experience with the mod.
Thank you for reading the Forum Guidelines before posting.
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