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Feedback, bugs and suggestions

Postby Phase » 07 May 2013 20:11

I already reached act 4 on normal and I have several suggestions to make and also a few bug reports.


-the high summons don't show up at the summon tab and you can never see their health, unless you hover your rally or unsummon skills over them
-if you die, the gold won't be picked up automatically unless you recover your corpse
-scrolls of identify don't work
-the lvl 1 necro skill (blood bolt, I can't recall it correctly right now) heals more than intended. 1 bolt and I am full hp with a 20 damage wand

I think this is all for the moment, I know I forgot some and I will come back later with more reports.


The necromancer should be a strong class in each of his skill trees (like anyone else). This doesn't happen. The monsters received a serious health and regen buff, rendering summon very weak. A skeleton has 1-2 damage at first. A zombie in act 1 has 4 times the health it had in vanilla. The summons are a bit useful in the first levels then they are utterly useless (at least the low summons). The golems are a little tougher, but they deal seemingly no damage and still die fast. The high summons are ok, but those won't allow you to summon a golem (I can summon skeletons and he won't die - I don't know if this is a bug or not). High summons are just tanky and have a noticeable damage even at later acts. They don't have any important special attacks (knockback really doesn't help) and they are overwhelmed by a few monsters.
When you decided to buff the monsters' health, you should have thought that summons will scale a lot worse with the difficulty than the other skills just because you need corpses to summon them and you can't make corpses if they die faster than they kill a corpse.

The curse branch won't help since summons are useless.

Calcify is too random. Bone spirit is too costy and has way lower damage than calcify. Bone spear is a joke.

I could barely reach act 4 with a few lucky drops and calcify spam behind my high summon + corpse explosion (corpse explosion is my main skill, it is very strong cause those bastards have a lot of life). And all of that with blood bolt help (kept my life at 100%).

The necromancer has a horrifyingly low recovery animation. As far as I noticed, there isn't hit recovery present anymore on any of the items, so I really don't see why you shouldn't lower the time recovering cause I often get locked in the recovery animation and die.

I think you should build at first an easier game to allow players to test more rigorously and find bugs and balance issues and then you should add more difficulty. Dumping shitloads of health and health regen on monsters won't help players but they will get more frustrated.

And lastly, please... just fix those damn ghoul lords from act 3. It takes a lot to damage them and then they run away and heal naturally with their huge hp regen. It took me 10 minutes to kill a spectral ghoul lord, more than Mephisto. Also, mephisto kills my high summon in 10 seconds. I think he would 1shot my lower summons AOE with his charged bolts.

The game is so nice and very rewarding. It would be a shame to pass through acts feeling useless most of the time cause you have no skills to play with, but you have the items.
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Re: Feedback, bugs and suggestions

Postby Demon9ne » 16 May 2013 02:33

Good feedback here, thanks! When I'm back in bug-fixing mode I'll reread and consider this stuff.
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Re: Feedback, bugs and suggestions

Postby Phase » 18 May 2013 15:23

A few more bugs to report:

-the leaper egg cannot be consumed, along with some other regeants - can you check all of them or should I try each one and tell you which one are bugged? It won't take long at all but I have some stuff to do atm.
-take a skill on timer and try to cast it with as little mana as possible. If your class doesn't have mana anymore after the initial cast for 1 more cast, the skill won't get the timer, letting you to cast it again whenever you have mana. This is dangerously powerful, as barbarians have bloodthirst and can chain cast them for permanent invulnerability.

Balance issues (in my opinion):

-the tenebrous barbarians from act 5 have a huge hp regen, defenses and quite a damage, especially the ones with splash. The ancients are very easy compared to them. You should tweak one of the 2 groups a bit.


-increase the skill timer by 50% or reduce the duration by 50% to the barbarian's bloodthirst. It is powerful and gamebreaking as it is right now, even without exploiting it.
-remove mana cost of double swing totally and maybe replace a skill (tba chat gem for example) with a skill that requires no mana cost and can be cast only with 2hand weapons. This way, barbarians should have a skill to chose and build from since he runs quickly out of mana until mid-game.
-one of these: increase curse base aoe; reduce their mana cost; improve curse mastery. The curses are pretty weak to start from until you can put a good amount of points into curse mastery and still leave behind other skills.
-implement more unique bosses to grind until you reach act 5 (we have prindleskin and eldrich the rectifier in act 5 but no worthy bosses in lower acts easily accessible).
-change how the bone spirit works. Calcify has no next delay, making it way more powerful than bone spirit is. Also, has lower mana cost, higher damage and aoe. Maybe reintroduce the skull mob? (I loved that skill). Same should go with bone spear, maybe more damage and projectiles per level?
-improve the 1% splash per level skill from barbarian that sits at rank 30. I feel that this skill is not worth putting points in, unless the splash scales better than I think it does. I didn't test it, but 1% seems redundant.

I have some other stuff to report, I'll just edit this post when I will actually remember (I forgot the most..)

Also, I'm looking forward for other classes :). It's not like I don't like necromancer at all, but I never enjoyed playing with one. I'll be waiting!

Good luck.
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