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"Bugged" skills

Postby DoubtFuL » 14 Dec 2013 01:16


Leap Attack skill description says: +100% damage (first lvl). My damage is 39-93 and it increases to 55-127. This 100% is the 100% of my base weapon damage because my base weapon damage is 16-34. So 39+16=55 and 93+34=127. I guess you need to change skill description into +100% base weapon damage or fix it :)
Btw attack rating for the same skill works fine. It says +65% and it increases from 175 to 288 which is exactle 65%.

The same with Leap Attack. The description says +100% damage (first lvl). But that damage is Base weapon damage only.
And again Attack Rating works fine.

Pledge of Devotion
This skill just doesnt work.
Gives to mana. No stamina. No damage based on them as it says.

Resounding Blow
Resounding Blow at lvl 1 (+155% base weapon damage). Gives me +29
Resounding Blow at lvl 11 (+530% base weapon damage). Gives me +29 again..... this is bugged i guess.

Single Target Combat
This passive skill says: +% damage (i will not mention numbers. its a matter of calculations). I suggest you change the description into + Weapon damage or + Full weapon damage. Why i say this? because this passive counts weapon bonuses also. Such as +fire damage etc and this need to be distinguished from Base Weapon Damage.

You named this passive Dual-Handed Combat instead of Two-Handed Combat
In practise it increases damage with two-handed not dual-handed and i guess thats also what you wanted to do.
And again like Single targe combat passive. This passive also counts weapon damage bonuses and needs to be distinguished from Base weapon damage.

Im sure i will be back with some other "bugged" skills. Constantly editing this thread. I hope you still work on this project. :|
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