[v1.05 b1.05] Known Bugs / Reporting Bugs

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[v1.05 b1.05] Known Bugs / Reporting Bugs

Postby Demon9ne » 30 Dec 2010 06:46

Known bugs and false positives are located in Readme.htm in your Immersion mod folder and in the online documentation.

To Report a suspected bug:

• Please report a suspected bug in a new topic.
• In your post, include as many details as you can, as well as your version of Immersion and LoD.
• Posting or attaching the error log from your Diablo II folder (D2XXXXXX.txt) could help diagnose the crash, depending on the cause of the error.

Unconfirmed Bugs:

• (None)

Confirmed Bugs:

• (None)

Fixed Bugs:

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