New Immersion fan!

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New Immersion fan!

Postby Operator336 » 24 Apr 2009 22:06

Hello to all!

I've recently been sucked back into the realm of Baal by this great new mod. D2 consumed the better part of three years of my life when it was released, and every once in a while I feel like I've got to get the javelin stuck back in. Anyway, I've been playing the mod on and off between work, family, and school, for about two weeks now. I'm really taking my time so I've only managed to garner a lvl 12 zon and a 10 barb. Guys, you've been knee deep in this mod for a lot longer than I, any tips for faster leveling? Normally I just load up players 4 or so and travel through act 1 until I die or get pissed, which is normally about the same. What works, what doesn't, etc. Thanks!
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