Few Questions (new player here)

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Few Questions (new player here)

Postby proph21 » 03 Sep 2011 18:57

First off, I have been testing out like 25 diff mods and I like this one the most so props to you :)

KK anyways, had a few questions:

1. Can I make jewel/rune/soul words out of tempered normal items or nah? I am assuming I can't make any of them out of tempered magic or rare items. I.E me upgrade a normal armor to surperior, then tamper it, then enhance the temper with Gems, and finish it off with giving it a jewelword or something :P.

2. The barb skill says for me to take a magic axe or my tat and imbune with a bloodstone, but it doesn't work. My guess is what this skill really does is allow you to transmute ur blood stones with 2x gems to re-roll the skill that it spawns?

3. Can I enhance a mutable item (i.e with those upgrade pieces such as giving my gloves a bunch of those lil glove reagents, THEN tamper it when I'm done the mutable enhancement? (since you can only enhance mutable, non-tempered items with these reagents).

Sorry if this sounds confusing. I tried wording it as best as I could lol :(

I wasted like everything I collected from 2 days of playing to experiment with recipe's and all I got out of it was a 8-26 rare tempered axe that I am upgrading with ele dmg and life leech lol :P.(which is why im asking these questions so I don't get too stuck with no crafting materials)

Act 2 monsters are raping me atm so I think i may respec from 2x 1h-weapons to a wpn/shield build with more res heh
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Re: Few Questions (new player here)

Postby Demon9ne » 04 Sep 2011 03:21

I'm glad you're liking the mod.

I'll be answering your questions from memory, so please don't go batshit-crazy if I misspeak. (Be sure to check the documentation and read the items in addition to reading my comments.)

1. Rune/jewel/soul/etc.-words are only applicable to low/normal/superior items.

2. The first level of the skill unlocks the re-roll ability you've described. Later levels unlock/improve the ability to craft the items listed. Akara has a 'Lore' dialogue with some Unity skill info. (The Sorceress has a Unity skill also, and future classes are planned to have them too.)

3. You have the right idea. Temper your items after improving them with reagents to get the most bang out of them.

Lastly, enemies are intended to be very difficult, and beware some of the bosses. ;)
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Re: Few Questions (new player here)

Postby floranicolas » 04 Feb 2012 05:30

Hey im newbie.thank u for sharing.
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