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Postby Senshi » 09 Oct 2011 10:12

Hi, i love to play your mod and i hope that you gonna do a good job in the future.
-About that question it's, (Where is the reagent page). Sry i didn't found it and if there is none
don't bother putting it write away.

+ I also have an idea and will post it here so that i don't make gazilion post.

- If there is posibility to make scrolls or potions with skill points and attributes points?
- having a book that gives you all rune words or cube r.,and so one, in game.
(so that you don't need to play in window mode or alt-tab all the time,tbh.
- having a recipe for making rare jewels would be nice (it can be complicated to make one jewel but anyway would be nice to have it)

Sry if i bothered you with this shity ideas just had to post them, and sry for bad english.
And all good for you and your work, Im honored that i can play your mod. HF,GL

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Re: Question!!

Postby Demon9ne » 10 Oct 2011 05:33

Hello. Glad you're having fun.

- The reagents page, while referenced on the cube recipes page, was not included in the documentation. It was planned to include only the information on Standard Reagents (those sold by vendors) to give new players an idea of how reagents work. However, this page was not included with the documentation. I can't remember why. After the mod's next release I'll make efforts to either include a reagents page or remove the references to it. If you have any general questions about reagents, feel free to ask here. Information about each reagent is generally included in the item's description in the game.

- You'll never see consumables that provide skill points or attribute points in Immersion for two reasons: first, they would devalue the leveling process, which should remain important; and second, they would simply imbalance characters. Consider that presently Immersion does have the Elixir of Heroism starting item (optional +50 attribute points at level 1) and the eventual ability to fill charm sockets with class gems (skill increase for a slight attribute decrease).

- You should consider playing windowed mode for the game's best appearance and highest stability (Immersion is developed/tested using windowed mode). That aside, the inclusion of recipes inside the game is already planned for the future, though I won't go into details.

- A rare jewel recipe is a good idea. I'll take it into consideration.

You English is no problem. I'm honored you're leaving feedback in a second language. =)
Thank you for reading the Forum Guidelines before posting.
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