confused if there are other classes or not

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confused if there are other classes or not

Postby D2Dood » 16 Apr 2012 03:48

Hiya, a brief writeup and then the question below:

dig the mod. very challenging.

made a barb, stalled out at duriel then made a very successful sorc, just killed norm baal at lvl 30


thought i saw some threads discussing assassins and necros, figured they would unlock if i beat norm with a stock char (bar/sor)

this isnt the case, i beat norm and still can only choose bar/sor.

am i missing something, or are the other classes not available? cuz i been saving lots of alt class gear along the way :D

if so, pls lmk how to access - been looking forward to rolling with some bones

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Re: confused if there are other classes or not

Postby Demon9ne » 19 Apr 2012 07:16

There were other classes in a previous version of the mod, but I removed them to overhaul the skill system (and a lot of other stuff).

They all may or may not return, but at least one is certainly returning in the next version.

I'll try to spoil which class that happens to be in the near future. Some stuff to fix first...
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