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Modify or disable the integrated plugY - and deep deep pain!

PostPosted: 14 May 2014 19:50
by senor
Does anybody know if it is possible to modify the included plugY (or as a last resort disable it completely)? No PlugY_user.ini is included. Playing with respec skills, a shared and unlimeted chest space ruins a lot of the Diablo-feel I think! I am actually on the brink of stop playing this mod completely (and now I remember the reason why I stopped playing this fantastic mod pre 1.05beta)
... and no ignoring the chest and respec stuff is not a possibility - I am just a human being, and exploit whatever is possible to exploit and abuse!

Please help a poor poor Senor! I am in pain here... really existential stuff! Until this problem is solved my evening soup taste like ashes, I soil myself and my dog is suicidal (eg. life is not worth living).

Thanks in advance dudes;)

Best regards Senor from Denmark