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Forum Guidelines

PostPosted: 02 Feb 2009 03:01
by Demon9ne

I. Do not post about or link to private realms or cheat software.
II. Do not post about or link to hacks, pirated software, pornography, ads, or solicitations.
III. Don't be an asshole. Post constructively and do not use racial slurs or excessive profanity.
IV. Do not register a profane user name or I will change it to something you really won't like.
V. If you are knowingly posting spoilers, please utilize the Spoiler bbCode.
VI. If you would like to post off-topic nonsense, please do so in the chat box.
VII. Do not double-post. Edit your last post if no reply has been posted.

These rules are subject to change.


• Forum avatar dimensions are 100 x 100px standard.
• Forum signature image dimensions are 500 x 100px max.
• Image attachments are presently enabled at 1 per topic, 800 x 600px 1mb max.

The preceding permissions will change forum-wide if abused.