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From Russia with love)

Postby cptSarcazmo » 03 Jun 2012 06:42

Hey guys, this is a little post from distant Russia.

I just wanted to say that here we have some differences in gaming. The original Diablo wasn't so popular, but the second one has much more fans in Russia than all over the world, I think. It may be a joke, but sometimes it's true.

Personally, I first played Diablo 2 at the "computer club" - that's how they called three old PCs, standing at some small mall with three games on each and one legal CD for each game, so there was no chance to play the same game on two computers at the same time. Those games, by the way, were Starcraft II, Diablo II and Worms Armageddon. And still Diablo II is one of my favorites of all times.

So I just want to say thanks for the mod (I just installed it, not played yet) and maybe later I say something about its features or how to make it better.

Best luck to you
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Re: From Russia with love)

Postby Demon9ne » 04 Jun 2012 01:08

I've noticed Immersion has a Russian following of sorts! Enjoy the mod. ;)
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