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Postby matis666 » 19 Apr 2013 15:30

After awhile, playing with my Barbarian I finally reached Act V with some concerns so here they are:
1.) Leap Attack - Was working normally until I fought with The Summoner in Arcane Sanctuary (btw he's almost unkillable for melee characters because of his casting rate, it shouldn't been increased... NEVER! Maybe it should be decreased slightly) so I leaped on him, he hit me with some spell and then I couldn't use that skill anymore, switching weapons didn't help, I didn't try to respec but reset of the game resolved it, it's annoying btw
2.) It seems that Whirlwind is the only way you can play Barbarian because it's still overpowered (my question: Does Collateral Damage skill works with Whirlwind or it has to be a plain attack with a weapon in order to work?)
3.) Lam Esen's Tome quest, it's good to have an option to keep that book but after you decide to give it to Alkor and obtain Stats you can reset the game and go to Ruined Temple to obtain another book and then give to Alkor again to recieve an infinite amount of Stats (I decided to cheat a bit and get 52 Stat points because I didn't use the Heroic potion at the beginning of my character, I couldn't kill anything in before Diablo in The Chaos Sanctuary, so I did that to get Whirlwind and finally beat those assholes, see point 4), the quest with the Golden Statuette worked and wasn't repeatable, I don't know why the book quest is bugged
4.) Chaos/Death Knights or Lords or whatever in The Chaos Sanctuary, simply guys who cast various elemental spells + Bone Armor, Bone Prison AND Life Tap should not have such an increased cast speed because they own you so hard and that's just Normal Difficulty, also Bone Prisons when cast upon you are Neutral which makes a total chaos in there making all enemies be imprisoned there attacking the Bone Prison instead of you, this should be fixed or removed at all
5.) Diablo fight was EPIC and quite balanced for my Whirlwind Barbarian but I cannot imagine other character fighting and able to kill him, there's just too many of his minions!!! Also if I could rate other Act Bosses, Andariel was the hardest, Duriel didn't do anything instead, this should be chaged, Mephisto was OK I guess, he killed me in like 2-3 hits :D
6.) Obliterate skill shows on character tab's damage as 0-1, I don't know why hence I cannot see how much dmg I do with that skill
7.) Having dual-wield 2x2h weapons one Daikatana and one other classic old 2h from D2 is wierd, if I dont have Daikatana in right hand but in left hand it's invisible like I'm holding the other sword in one hand but having the other one bare, when I switch Daikatana to right hand and double tap swap weapons it refreshes and can be seen normally
8.) Dyes don't work or I'm doing something wrong, I tried to dye my armor but since it was a Bonemail with Demon Skull socketed in it it was still black, I can understand this occasion because sockets dye the item already but when I tried to dye my weapon it didn't work either even they got blank sockets
9.) Please decrease Deckard's fee for identifying items, it's just ridiciously high, you don't even want rare, unique and set items to drop because you know you will lose all of your gold next time you visit that old Jew! :D This makes Gold Find so above Magic Find that MF is like the least wanted stat in the game now :D
10.) Question: Does Vertebra reagent upgrade Bone Helmets?
11.) Another Question: What are Attunement points on some unique items? There isn't any hint in-game nor in Forum to tell you (I just read somebody's post about an infinite Attunemet points when cubing it before patch that fixed it so I tried to cube it an it added some Class bonuses, is it what it does or there's something else I should know?)

Gotta go, nothing else coming into my mind for now, so take your time and fix this stuff please, mod's awesome and has a great future ahead!
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Re: Bugs + Suggestions

Postby SingInSilence » 22 Apr 2013 10:11

matis666 wrote:1.) Leap Attack

That one's known and Blizzard's.
It'll work again after a Save & Exit.

matis666 wrote:2.) It seems that Whirlwind is the only way you can play Barbarian

I haven't run a barbarian since v1.05b, I think, but, as far as mid-Terror (2nd difficulty, whatever it's called), Bloodthirst + Do Unto Others works very well.

matis666 wrote:4.) Chaos/Death Knights or Lords or whatever in The Chaos Sanctuary, simply guys who cast various elemental spells + Bone Armor, Bone Prison AND Life Tap

I've mentioned something along these lines.
The (reasonable, but unproductive, imo) response was: You have a mobility ability. Use it.

matis666 wrote:5.) Diablo fight was EPIC ... but I cannot imagine other character fighting and able to kill him

Not going into builds, but (speaking from experience) both Sorcs and Necros can, potentially.

matis666 wrote:...that old Jew! :D

There are so many things wrong with that.

A) Rare items should start selling very well around where you are.
B) -% Vendor Price. Get some.

matis666 wrote:11.) What are Attunement points <snip>

Talk with Akara.
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Re: Bugs + Suggestions

Postby Demon9ne » 29 Apr 2013 16:58

I appreciate the feedback, especially on the potential quest exploit. If this is in fact a bug, I would like to resolve it in the future.

I'm going to run through some of the things jumping out at me, but I don't really have "build comments" for you, as I'm not much for character building. (I'm more of the scavenger variety of player, tbh.)

1) This is in fact a vanilla Blizzard bug. The "Attack Bug", or the "Mother of All Bugs". I can potentially fix it in the future, should I decide to recode the game's entire attack routine. (See: headache...)

3) I'll check it out.

4) Chaos Sanctuary needs to be both difficult and rewarding, without having a shitty mechanic (Iron Maiden 1-shot player kills). Bone walls are intentionally neutral entities--the demons want to destroy them, to kill you themselves. As SingInSilence pointed out, use your skills wisely in there.

5) I have fooled with many the bosses, where I felt there was room for improvements, without remaking the entire battle. Duriel, for instance, spawns maggots if you strike him and he chases you while "bleeding".

6) I may hardcode better display text for this in the future.

7) I'm not sure what would be causing this, but I'll keep any eye out.

8) You may have been attempting to dye an item that can't normally be colorized. (There's a few.)

9) I may slightly reduce Cain's prices. Also, I'm going to pretend you didn't call him an old Jew.

10) It should, yes.

11) Visit Akara's Lore dialogue.
Thank you for reading the Forum Guidelines before posting.
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Re: Bugs + Suggestions

Postby DoubtFuL » 22 Dec 2013 19:54

These are my suggestions....

Detailed infos on what DEX/STR/VIT/MAGIC give. And let us know if you changed their functionability?

I never “liked” the way defense functioned in D1/D2. So defense formula in D1 and D2 is: The more defense the less chance the monster has to hit you (reminds me of how evasion works). So my suggestion is to add damage reduction to armor parts instead of defense. Or keep defense but also add damage reduction. That way is easier to explain why Ring Mail armor has -3% speed compare to leather armor. Btw I understand that this demands work/time because its balance issue :/

I have been playing a mod called Hell’s Revenge (not famous mod). The creator had a really realistic approach on the game and I loved some of its aspects. The bad thing, he never finished the mod properly. :/
For Immersion now. Zombies are great monsters for start!
At starting areas when we dont have proper armor and resists getting hit from sharp weapons, spells or heavy attacks should be lethal most of the times so I suggest these: Remove weapons from starting monsters or implement other type of monsters without sharp attacks. Of course there are other ways to balance this. E.g slow attack speed/speed etc. But you cant reduce the attack speed from e.g Amazons like you can do with Beasts. Btw if you look at it realistically Amazons should be really OP for start. Why? Because they have weapons such as: spears/bows/swords and shields!! But don’t look like they have decent armor or life. Also noticed that Beasts have soooo low dmg but yeah good attack speed. I mean they are preferred with more damage and slow attack speed. Their attacks are not sharp or anything but they are smash type and with good STR it can also cause pretty good dmg.

Splash dmg…..?
Man im positive you know what splash dmg is but I don’t understand why you implement this (indicated) thing on 2hands….I was so much disappointed when I saw this…..It doesn’t make sense. I hit front and monsters die behind me… that’s not splash. Makes the game way to easy and no fun and removes tactic playing. Should just splash dmg the monster which are front of you not the ones behind, left and right…
I understand splash on big heavy weapons etc but this is not normal splash its pure magical form of killing.

Buff/debuff display
Is it possible to add buff/debuff display somewhere on the screen ? From skills, potions etc. Would be really helpful and progressive 

Remove the large charms and have the small ones only. Those that take one square only. This way we will have more free space in inventory.
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